Discover our collection of tables for all tastes and pockets

 A touch of class in your home is the right way to stand out and create an original, classic, modern and functional environment. The bullion tables available in our catalog will satisfy the diverse needs and tastes of all members of your family. You can't go wrong choosing one of our wonderful tables of dining room, benches, coffee tables, nightstands o auxiliary tables.

The table represents many things: it is a place to gather with family and friends, it can be used as a work surface or as a base to place your PC. That is why at Comifort you can find a variety of tables so that you do not get left with the desire for that desired piece of furniture that you long for.

Take into account that, when choose a table, one of the first decisions you must make is the crafts. The rectangular table It is the most popular and is ideal for organizing family evenings or important celebrations. The roundtables and oval, like these auxiliary tables, are the favorites to decorate small spaces. The square tablesLike the round version, they are suitable for decorating small spaces, as they offer a sense of proportion, otherwise, if they are placed on a carpet, they delimit a well-defined space.

If you are looking for something that lasts, a solid wood tableAs a walnut console, Is the best option. Instead, a glass table It is very simple and linear, suitable for organizing the conversation area or furnishing a meeting room, less convenient in the kitchen, where it is easily scratched and it is tiring to keep it clean. The modern tables Comifort they are elegantly finished, available in a wide variety of colors, and fit in all types of environments. He Comifort industrial style combines wood and metal and gives the environment a bold and courageous look.

For those who want to be original, for those who feel anchored to classic lines, for those who love color and for those who prefer the traditionality of a timeless wood color; for all of them we have chosen to propose, among our various solutions, tables for every taste and personality. The quality that distinguishes our products is unique and the price is ex factory.

Reviewing what you have learned a bit, you should have clear ideas about the function that the table will have to perform, since the size, dimension and shape will depend on this. There are many options that must be considered before the purchase, you can guide yourself by visiting our blog and reading our tips.