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Comifort Ambassadors

The Comifort ambassador program is an exclusive collaboration for true influencers of lifestyle and decoration who have an active and unique community. We are looking for ambassadors to join our Comifort Ambassadors! We want you to share our passion for decoration, design and the best furniture for your home.

What do I have to do to become a Comifort Ambassador? 

We choose our senders based on their enthusiasm and commitment to their virtual community. Photography and writing skills in social networks are important but above all we are looking for creative people. That you feel true passion for your social network (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook or Twich) and an active participation.

If you think you meet all the requirements, we are waiting for you by filling in the form from above or by writing to us directly at
Don't forget to put your social networks !!

Why do we believe in Influencers?

We are a digital native company, we know the importance of being present in social networks with the best accounts. Would you buy before a table that you have seen on a sign on the street or the one that your friend who you admire has recommended? We have it clear. We know that you are not going to recommend any product that could harm your followers, you want the highest quality and best design. That is why we want to collaborate with you.

Can anyone help?

Followers matter, but more the interaction of these. Whether you are micro, macro or influencer, we like that you have a community that supports you.
If you have 100k followers but they do not comment or interact with your photos, you have a more passive community while if you have 50k followers but comment and interact with your content, you are who we are looking for.

Your voice and influence in your community (large or small) is our engine to continue working and designing the best furniture, at the best price and with the best quality. We want everyone to be able enjoy our bullion tables, shelves, Desktops as much as we do when making them.

What is the difference between Micro, Macro and Influencers?

Many times when we think of Influencers we think directly of great Instagram influencers such as Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo or Sara Carbonero but in
There are actually several types of Influencers.

  • Micro Influencers

    All accounts that have between 1000 and 100.000 followers.
    Accounts is growth that have an audience that begins to be loyal and really follows your advice and recommendations.
  • Maco Influencers

    Between 100.000 and 1.000.000 followers.
    Consolidated accounts have already taken a big step and what started as a small community is now a movement. 
  • Influencers

    You have more than 1 million followers.
    You have already become an influencer-celebrity. You have a community that does not stop growing with which you can achieve your dreams.
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