Tricks for interior decoration

Tricks for interior decoration

Knowing how to treat spaces to create unique and different decorations is the key to making the most of the corners of the home. Because for many, these spaces go beyond the place of rest and storage of belongings, it is a magical place that is conditioned according to the tastes of each person, that is functional and comfortable. We leave you these tips or tricks to get that dream interior decoration.

1. Think about the needs

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 Each space is different, for this reason it is essential that before buying furniture or decorative elements you have to establish the use that will be given to that space and plan the organization. For example, if it is a large family it is necessary that the dining room table be wide, on the other hand if it is for a person who always eats out, a bar is enough.


2. Materials

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Now that you know how you are going to use the space, choose the materials that best suit it. It is a good time to establish: space design, color palettes, types of furniture and accessories. 


 3. The rule of heights 

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One of the decoration tricks that you can put into practice is the rule of heights that consists of adding elements of different sizes on a surface. It is important that you remember to try to join two elements of the same height. For this, it is best to have variety in the sizes of the elements to create a perfect harmony.


4. The perfect lighting

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You have to take advantage of the light as you can. It is important to take care of the choice of lamps, and of the light color for each space. The perfect lighting is achieved thanks to the use of it. For this reason, avoid covering the natural light entrances of the house with objects or thick curtains.


5. Vertical lines

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Use vertical lines to give more height, regardless of the space you are preparing, if you play with vertical lines you will create a visually wide space. With this you also create an illusion of greater luminosity and symmetry.