Trends in decoration for winter

Trends in decoration for winter

Renew the spaces of the home for the arrival of winter and decorate the house with Christmas decorations we like, and to create a cozy atmosphere it is ideal to do it with the latest trends of the season. And although we have gone from summer to autumn and from autumn to winter in a matter of weeks, it is time to go to our reference decoration store, change the elements of our homes and adapt to the cold season. This 2020 has been a year of uncertainty with many challenges and changes, but we can take advantage of the last months to do incredible things as special dates are coming. Next we leave you the trends in decoration for this season to receive 2021 in style.

Ecological and natural is in fashion

Using furniture and decorations made of organic materials such as wood or bamboo is a great trend. An example is the Oak wood, without aggressive varnishes, help us to regain contact with nature in a certain way and in turn create spaces with a touch of naturalness in your home.  

Resistant, versatile and natural. Forget about plastic or synthetic materials and go back to it.

En Comifort we have a wide variety of furniture and products made in solid oak wood, with a finish and details chosen with the utmost care, taking into account sustainable practices in its manufacture to collaborate with the planet.

Neutral and earthy colors

Neutral colors, specifically the range towards earth tones, are always a trend and this time of year they are used more frequently. Having a wide range of base colors, accompanied by earthy tones and bold textures, such as brown, beige, gray, orange and even terracotta are among the favorites of decoration and interior design experts, as they transmit good vibes, peace and nature.

If you already have an established and decorated space in your home, but you want to give it that tone of warmth, you can add specific elements in these colors on your tables, shelves and furniture. You will see how you will create a new space with small details.

Conquest of nature

This season indoor plants are still a must have in your home. The truth is that green touches will be very present in the decoration of homes in the next fall and winter. 

Combining your furniture with plants is always going to be a good choice, not only as a decorative element, but they are also responsible for absorbing the toxic substances that many of the elements in our home give off and help us improve our lives. In short, it is the lungs that make our home healthier.
Do you want to join the trend? We help you to be inspired with ideas for adding plants to your decor.

Fabrics, textures and synthetic leathers

In the autumn days when the first waves of cold arrive, the typical "sofa, blanket and movie" is very comforting. But you cannot forget the comfort of taking a comfortable and soft cushion, with colors and texture. 


Choose sustainable materials such as cotton, linen, wool, esparto grass, bamboo, wicker or raffia, they are some of the options for a cozy decoration that will also be much more sustainable since they are more durable and their production hurts a lot less to the environment.

Our new collections to give a unique and modern touch to your home.

Many times it is necessary to give a new air to the spaces of our home and to achieve this, it is enough to change or add new furniture. Today we want to tell you about our new collections, perfect for this time of year and to remodel your home with durable, elegant and resistant furniture. 

Merida buffet sideboard:
In tune with all the trends that are in fashion for this season, the Mérida buffet sideboard is an incredible piece of furniture. It has a more compact size, made of solid oak and that adapts perfectly to any room, bedroom, living room.

Comfortable Pompeii: Does your room need a change? Our chest of drawers from the Pompeii collection will be the key piece of this change. The best quality with our oak products together with the elegance of the best walnut finish as well as its attention to detail

Caesar buffet sideboard: This sideboard shows an elegant design to combine with all types of decoration. A versatile and functional piece of furniture that will give it the elegance that your space needs. Find the perfect color to match your decor.

Onuba TV cabinet: A piece of furniture to support your television and make the most of its spaces to organize books, cables or any other element. This collection fits perfectly in your home and is made of a resistant and durable material. Incorporating it into your living room or bedroom will take your decoration to a more elegant level.

Now that you have some ideas to redecorate your spaces and receive this new season with a cozy and warm home, do not forget to pass the great variety of bullion tables, tv furniture, Desktops, ... and choose the furniture you need to give it a unique touch.