Techniques for organizing the closet

Techniques for organizing the closet

One of the most tedious tasks when cleaning and organize the house, but especially the closet or dressing room with the large amount of things that we keep. In this task we try to review everything that is in it, clean and discard what we no longer use. Although many times we put this work aside, it is very important to do it at least once a year in depth. So you can renew, find new outfits and forget about the phrase ¨I don't have to wear, "because sometimes it's not about lack of clothing, but about closet organization. 

If you have already decided to give the YES to have a clean and tidy wardrobe during 2021, don't worry because we leave you a list of 6 simple steps to make this task a success and achieve a TOP wardrobe.

Get everything out and clean!

The first step in this process is to analyze everything in the closet. To do this you have to empty the entire closet, including the drawers and other spaces where you store your items. So you can see everything you have stored to start placing it. 

Now that you've got everything out, we recommend that you thoroughly clean your closet. We recommend that you take a damp cloth and a specific product for the type of surface material to be able to clean it thoroughly. You can take advantage of this moment to add a fragrance to your wardrobe that gives it a fresh scent. 

Divide and strip without fear

Now that you have the storage place completely clean, it is time to put aside sentimentality and get rid of all the things you do not need. 

Group everything by types of garments (underwear, shoes, blouses, jackets ...) So you will have greater clarity of what you have. Now, you can start discarding what you no longer use or is damaged. 

As a second step, distribute the clothes in 3 piles: one with all the clothes that you are clear about what you want to keep, another with all the things you want to donate, and a third pile with all the items with which you have doubts whether to keep it or donate it . One recommendation we make to you is: if you haven't used the garment for a whole year (even longer), don't keep it, just get rid of it and put it in the pile to donate. If you are not sure, put it aside and in 24 hours you will think again what to do with it. Remember that if you want to have more space and be organized, you have to throw away what you no longer use.

Use logic and organize your closet

Now is the time to make sure that the organization of your closet is correct. It seems obvious, but it is not always easy. Store by hand so that you can quickly locate all your essentials and the clothes you wear the most. Anything from other seasons or occasional use can go in less accessible areas, such as in the last drawer.

Dedicate a space to organize your accessories, it can be used for the jewelry you wear the most, for glasses or even as a dressing table. It makes all the sense in the world that they are where you dress, as they complete your look. Establish a space for each type of clothing or the category that you want to use as a reference, visualizing the layout of your closet will make it easier for you to store.

Fold and organize your clothes with a sense

A very present problem is saving things without a predefined structure. This can mean that our space is smaller but also that when looking for something, you cannot find it. It is best to store things by category and not by location, that is, do not mix socks with gloves. Each object has its space. 

Speaking of bending, in recent years the vertical is one of the favorites of many, thanks to the guru of the order Marie Kondo, who affirms that it is the best way to optimize space, especially for storing T-shirts and underwear.

One of the tricks he proposes is to store your garments grouped by color, from darkest to lightest, so that the darkest and heaviest garments are on the left, and the lightest and lightest on the right. This way it is much lighter visually, it gives you a greater sense of order, and you find what you are looking for and with what to combine it much more quickly.

Hooks and boxes

If you have a lot of shirts, jackets and dresses in your closet, the more bars the better. Use boxes to keep things in order from other seasons. That they are the same color, with intermediate size and with labels. 

If all the hooks are the same, the capacity of your closet is used better and is more aesthetic. For shirts, choose those hooks that are neither too big nor too thin. Blazers, jackets and coats will need a little more width. 

Team up with these elements to keep belts, foulards, ties in order ... You can also group similar accessories; Necklaces with necklaces, belts with belts ... When it comes to dressing you will save a lot of time having everything at hand.

Take advantage of other complementary furniture

If your closet is very small and does not meet your needs, you can support yourself with other furniture designed to maintain order and organization of your belongings. 

If you do not have a specific place to store your shoes in an orderly and accessible way, you can have a shoe rack. This will help you find them quickly, keep them organized by use or occasion, and keep them neat. Our shoe rack Umia He will accompany you in your room and will be in charge of keeping your shoes like new.

In the case of clothes, if you are also looking to have some extra drawers to organize them, comfortable it is your best choice. Our Pompeya model has 4 spacious drawers that will help you achieve the order you are looking for. You can also take advantage of the upper surface to add some extra elements. 

Now that you have your wardrobe as new, we are sure that you feel a great relief and satisfaction. Remember that the more organized you are in your day to day, the fewer times you will have the need to organize the closet from scratch. If you do this deep cleaning do not forget to share it on your social networks by tagging us @Comifort