Small flat? 5 solutions to keep order

Small flat? 5 solutions to keep order

Living in a small apartment Sometimes it becomes a great Tetris game, the spaces are limited and you have to do wonders so that all your belongings, furniture and appliances can fit in any corner. It is very likely that from time to time you think "This weekend I put my house in order", but the day comes and you can't find the time or you feel lazy. 

But forget about the decoration, creating a home with taste and affection is not incompatible with orderOn the contrary, it will inspire you with more peace and calm.

The disorder can cause in most cases pictures of stress, overwhelm and anxiety. Therefore, keeping it to a minimum order is important to find your emotional balance. Don't you know how to achieve it? Here are 5 keys that will help you:


Assess and decide. Many times we make the closet the disaster drawer with clothes, accessories and things that we do not use, but that you leave them for "just in case" although all they do is take up space. Take your time to review all your belongings and choose what you think will be useful to you. It is difficult, we know, but you can always give it a second use by taking it to second-hand stores or collaborating with clothing collection associations for those most in need.

Organization is basic. Sorting the clothes according to the season of the year will help you to have it more controlled and you will know where to find what you need at all times. If they do not have enough space in the wardrobes, try to make the change every season by storing the clothes that do not serve you for one in another room, attics or well organized, in boxes, under the bed. In this way your closet will not have a mix of seasons and you will take advantage of the space to store other things you need.

The same can be done with kitchen, dining room and bathroom items. Instead of buying utensils or appliances that you do not use, it is recommended that you buy those utensils that you use daily. You will not only be keeping your home clean and tidy, but also reducing your expenses.

Take advantage of every corner of the rooms

In small spaces, one of the keys is to make the most of every corner of your home. There are several ways to achieve some of these ideas. 

Our shelves wall. We have 4 practical models that will help you have more areas to store and also add a stylish touch to your decoration. 

Dianium shelving: resistant and elegant that will combine in the living room or common room of your house. The simple steel frame and wooden shelves will give a modern look.

Po shelving set: If you are looking for a simpler and less cumbersome option, the Po shelving set is ideal. It comes in 3 different sizes to hang on any wall in the home. You will find the finish you are looking for.

Tiber wall shelf: Thanks to its folding design and adaptable to any corner, it will be a decorative element as well as functional. It is a recommended piece of furniture for homes and offices.

Garona shelving:  A simple, practical and visual structure that thanks to the different heights is perfect for placing any decorative element or that you need to have on hand.

Multifunctional furniture

Choose multipurpose furniture that combines a shelf with a table to take advantage of your work or leisure time. This type This can help you take advantage of the space with a 2 in 1. Discover our Desktops y bullion tables , we are sure that you can get the most out of it.

Organize well what you keep on the furniture

You have to bring a prior idea of how and where to organize it to always have what you need at hand. No to accumulations of unnecessary things. The slightest mess can end in chaos.

Extra elements and accessories

To improve your organization there are many types of organizers that can help you keep order in your drawers and cabinets such as decorative, reusable boxes, glass containers or other elements that are functional and that allow you to store things well.

Now that you have these recommendations, get down to work! A small apartment does not have to be a headache, it is enough to have everything in its place, take advantage of any minimum space and get rid of the things that we no longer use. In Comifort we have the solution to avoid this since our furniture has the perfect measurements and capacities to adapt to any room.
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