Indispensable furniture for a room

Indispensable furniture for a room

The bedroom is considered the most intimate space in the house in which rest, relaxation and recharging energy to start a new day prevail. It is therefore essential to have comfortable, functional and inspiring furniture. Here are some tips to make this stay a special place.

Get a good mattress

When talking about a bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is sleeping and having a bed that is as comfortable as possible. By having the defined measurements of the space and having the base, the most important thing is to choose a quality mattress that conforms to the measurements established by the experts. When choosing a mattress, it is essential to know what is best for our body and rest. 

There are many options on the market, so doing a preliminary investigation and letting yourself be advised by specialists is a fundamental factor. After we are clear about which is the ideal one for us, it is time to choose the set of sheets and pillows to match the tones of your room and the style of the room.

A nightstand

What would our bedroom be without an amazing nightstand? We all need a place to put our current book, glasses or even the glass of water you need before going to bed, that's why the bedside table is an essential next to the bed.

There are different types of tables, from the most classic and decorative to the most functional, with drawers in all their heights in order to better organize your essentials. We advise you our Nightstand Yesl that has three drawers and a wide surface, and a simple, elegant and practical style.

Complementary furniture

The more storage space you have available, the more organization you will have at home. The dressers are an additional element in your room to store bedding, accessories and more usual clothes. It may be that at first you think you don't need it, but once you decorate and settle your home, you will see that you will need extra space to organize everything. Our Pompeii model it is the ideal to combine in any space.

Also, a good shoe rack is another piece of furniture that can serve as the perfect complement to tidy up your room. It will help you keep your shoes organized, protecting them and ensuring that you have all the options in view when creating an outfit. 

Our 3-door UMIA shoe rack It has the elegant design and space you are looking for to organize and store all your shoes. A practical piece of furniture that adapts to any space.

Put your touch of personality

Sometimes finding the style that we carry in our heads is difficult, but when you dedicate the time and desire to achieve it, you can do it. The decoration of the room is important to convey what you feel and putting your personal touch is what will make you enjoy this stay much more. 

To achieve this you need quality furniture at an affordable price, you just have to sit down and think about what you really want. Choose the decorative elements, wall color and lighting that reflect your personality.