Set up your home office

Set up your home office

It is likely that during these days of confinement you have had to work from home. Perhaps you already had a specific space to carry out your daily tasks or you have had to improvise it. The office is a necessary space in homes, the number of people who work from home and who need a place to organize, perform tasks and be more productive is growing. Ideally, it should be a quiet and reserved space, where you can concentrate and isolate yourself during those hours to be able to have a better performance. We leave you some recommendations that will be of great help to set up your home office. 


1. Define a specific workplace

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Find a quiet place that is secluded so that your attention is not affected. Do not work from the sofa, the kitchen or the bed! It is necessary to define where in your house you will always work. It is important that you feel comfortable in your workspace so take the time to evaluate all the possible options to establish your office. 


2. Good lighting

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Make sure that your workplace is located near a window that lets in natural light, or at least that there is very good artificial lighting. This way you will avoid straining your eyes. Light is a very important element to work better and with greater energy.  


3. Take into account the orgonomics and the location of the elements. 

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You may spend many hours working in your home office, for this reason it is important that you take into account the location of the items that are on your desk. The computer should occupy the main position on the table and place it in front of you. Try to be able to handle it without turning your neck or trunk. Ideally, the screen should be at least 40cm apart. Also avoid having so many items on your desk, only those that you really need like a notebook, a calendar, and pens. 


4. Choose your colors well

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To have greater concentration, harmony and stay calm, it is important to be in a suitable environment to work. The walls should have a color that motivates you to work and inspires you. It is recommended that there is a harmony between the colors of the furniture, walls and extra elements. White is an ideal color to give light, tranquility and a feeling of spaciousness. The color blue favors concentration and colors such as red and orange stimulate creativity.

5. Functional furniture and storage space

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There are certain elements that you will not need or you will not want to have all the time on the work desk, so it is necessary to have drawers or shelves to store all the documents or elements in an organized way. It is also essential that when choosing furniture you carefully examine that they are functional. Beyond how they look in the space, they are comfortable to work with. 

We hope these ideas help you create the dream office in your home and even if you don't work at home, it is always a space that will be useful at any time.