The shelf, the decorative element that organizes your home

The shelf, the decorative element that organizes your home

Many of the pieces are important when decorating your home and the shelves are one of them. They are essential elements that will provide versatility, storage and will give your spaces an extra decoration. If today you are doubting whether to add a shelf to your home or not, we leave you some of the reasons why having it is an excellent option:

  • They help to better limit spaces
  • These types of pieces are also widely used in order to organize the space in modules, which will provide a feeling of greater spaciousness in the rooms. If you take advantage of them correctly, the shelves can become a clear reference for the distribution of space. Dividing your living room and your dining room can be a very wise choice. 

  • Provide storage space and organization
  • The element that can best help you to improve the organization of your house are the shelves. With the different designs that you find you can manage to organize decorative elements, books or other belongings that you want to have in the light.

  • They give personality and height to your decoration
  • The shelves are an element to introduce the style that you like the most in your home. Be consistent with it and give your home the personality you want. In addition, you can play with it by placing it in strategic spaces in your home to give height and visually achieve a harmony that is fun.  

    Today you can find a wide variety of shelving options, different colors, materials, sizes and designs. It is essential that you know before acquiring it, the place where you are going to locate it and the needs that you are seeking to satisfy with it. It is not the same to have a shelf to divide two spaces than a shelf for the work room and office. To simplify this task we will show you the different designs we have in Comifort for you. 

    PO shelving set

    A set of three floating shelves in an elegant and U-shaped style, perfect to have on your wall and organize your books. You can find it in different colors to match your decoration.

    Dianum shelf

    If what you are looking for is to divide spaces with a very cool, This is the best option. With a fine smoked finish, it has a steel frame with 4 wooden shelves. It is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

    Garona shelf

    Do you have a small corner that you want to make the most of? The Garona shelf is perfect for you. It is a 7-height design made up of irregular squares, easy to place in any corner. Discover the colors available for you to wear today.

    Tiber wall shelf

    This wall shelf from the Tiber collection allows you to save space through its folding design. It contains 5 heights and is a piece of furniture recommended for spaces within the home and offices.

    All our furniture is easy to clean and to assemble so choosing them will bring you great benefits. Also thanks to secret of our quality it will allow you to last over time.