Ideas to decorate and paint your hall

Ideas to decorate and paint your hall

Make your furniture unique and different

The hall is the letter of introduction to your home, it is the first impression you have when entering and the space that will receive your family and friends when they visit you. It is important to leave your style and personality reflected in this space, decorate it in your own way and show how cozy your home is. 


And if you have wondered how a good hall should be? The important thing is that it is functional, cozy, practical, beautiful and personal. It does not matter if it is large or small, the important thing is to achieve harmony in the space. Because your home deserves no less than a grand entrance and you can do it. We leave you some ideas to decorate the furniture of your hall and if you want to get a little more creative some tips to paint it. 

1. Adapt the decoration of the space to the style of the furniture

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If you already have a piece of furniture and you are looking to create the hall, start with the style of it to decorate the space. That the material and colors define the decorative elements and accessories. For example, if your furniture has a minimalist style, add elements that are in tune, such as simple accent pieces, black and white tones, carpets of a texture. 

2. Elements on the furniture

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Now, on the hall furniture we must add some elements to give it a unique and different touch. Objects such as mirrors, paintings, clocks, vases or works of art can be an incredible option to add volume to the space. 

A lamp is also a great element to place over your hall, an extra way to bring artificial light to your entrance.

3. The color of the walls

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The color of the walls of your hall is also important, choosing properly will help define the style, space and allow the accessories and furniture to stand out. 

  • If your intention is to achieve a warm and welcoming entrance, the earth tones are ideal colors to paint your hall, they combine perfectly with wood.  
  • Si tu hall is smallWe recommend using white on your walls, as it transmits greater amplitude and will give it more light.
  • Another option is deep blue, it is a color that generates spaces with great force and combined with white, it makes it look much brighter. They scare him dark woods to gain warmth.
  • Are you looking to take a risk? dare with a jet black. By painting a strip of your space you can give personality to a place that we often forget and at the same time, you avoid that, in the long run, the area of ​​hangers is stained with the rubbing of the garments. 


The important thing to have the dream hall is to initially study the space you have to create the perfect place. If it is a small space, make sure not to overload it with objects and always look for harmony between what makes up the space. The colors of the walls, the lighting and the correct use of the spaces is the key to having the perfect hall furniture. also cans create unique furniture by painting it in your favorite style and you will create your dream space. 

Start with the hall, the first impression of your home! Continue to choose a rack that matches it.