Decoration ideas in Scandinavian style

Decoration ideas in Scandinavian style

In recent times the culture of northern Europe, specifically that of the Scandinavian peninsula, has become a great reference for interior design due to its elegance and simplicity. Modernity in the design took center stage by adding warmth and functionality in the different spaces of a home. This type of decoration is a great ally if you want to give it light and create comfortable environments. Next, we give you some recommendations so that you can appropriate this style and make your home a magical place. 

The lighting 

One of the factors where more emphasis should be placed on the Scandinavian style is lighting, it is essential that the entry of natural light is maximized in those spaces to generate a warm atmosphere and avoid overdressing the windows as it interrupts the entry of light . Also, you can lean on artificial light with lamps placed at different heights and candles.

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White is the star color of this style, it is present on walls, furniture, fabrics, accessories and even on the floor. It is also recommended to combine this color with gray, beige and black tones to create a little contrast in the furniture and objects. This does not mean that other colors cannot be used, however it is recommended that they be in pastel tones so as not to interrupt the harmony of the space.

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La wood

One of the elements that cannot be missing is wood, it is the basic element of this type of decoration and is present in furniture, floors and some accessories. They are always used in light colors, straight lines and without much ornamentation. The simpler and minimalist the finish of the decoration will be more natural and cozy.

Oder coffee table (white color)

The accessories 

Most of the elements and textures of this style come from nature as it generates comfort and a more intimate space. Adding plants, whether natural or artificial, is a must to give your home a unique touch. In addition, you can add textiles such as rugs and pillows, as well as some decoration elements in the furniture but without overloading it.

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And you? Have you already decorated your house in the Scandinavian style? 

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