Styles to decorate your Christmas table and receive your guests

Styles to decorate your Christmas table and receive your guests

Christmas dinner and the celebrations of this time are moments that need a different decoration than usual. If this year you have to welcome an intimate group of family or friends to enjoy a special evening at home, we are sure that you will want to show off a perfect decoration.

There is no single way to understand decoration, each person has different tastes that define their own style as well as the decoration of their home. The colors to be used, materials and designs have to reflect what you like and the personality of your house. All you have to do is have the desire and the Christmas spirit to decorate your Christmas table as you dream and receive your guests. 

The first big step is to have a large, comfortable and resistant dining table. If you still don't have yours or would like to change it, at Comifort we have a wide variety of models. Before giving you some tips to decorate it, we want to present you 3 models that will be indicated for this special dinner and for your home in general.

Wavy Emeritus Dining Table: It has a unique design and a structure that adapts to any home. A versatile piece of furniture that will become the star of your home. 

Cartago dining table:  Made of solid oak wood, it has U-shaped stainless steel legs as a support. Its dark wood color will make your space look super elegant.

Andelo Wavy Dining Table: with their X-shaped legs they add a modern touch to any space. This is a table with a fine walnut finish and wavy edges.

All our tables are manufactured in Europe, they are easy to clean and assemble. You can also choose between the different options of measures and colors of legs that we have on our website. If you want to know more about our models, click on this link.

Now that you have your dream dining table, the most fun step is to let your imagination run wild and start decorating your table. We leave you some general recommendations and styles that can serve as inspiration.

Traditional Christmas dinner

If you are one of those who are passionate about the most traditional Christmas, surely this is your favorite style to decorate your home at this time of year. The most traditional Christmas table is dressed in red. For a reason, this is the color of Christmas par excellence. Can Choose a patterned tablecloth, although it is better to ensure that it is not too ornate. Simplicity is a plus at the Christmas table.

For the decorative details, opt for white and green combined with red, these three colors are the key to traditional Christmas.

White and gold tones

The combination of gold and silver balance perfectly with the simplicity of the wood, resulting in a modern and sparkling Christmas. Choose a white or cream-toned tablecloth and make items like centerpieces the center of attention. 

Combining gold, silver and white among the elements that go on the table will be the key to having an elegant but at the same time striking decoration.

Blue as the protagonist

Now, if you are already tired of the classic Christmas decorations and want to go for something different, a combination of blue and gold tones can be a very TOP choice. These unusual colors will make your decor avant-garde and sophisticated. Dare with something new and different.

Nordic style

If you're looking to recreate this decorating style, add a neat, rustic table along with white accents with touches reminiscent of the season, like a centerpiece wreath, candles, dim lighting, or even a couple of spheres. This decoration is for those looking for something simpler but detailed. Remember that you do not need great luxuries or elements to create a beautiful table. 

General recommendations to have an elegant decoration: 

  • A formal table has four layers: tablecloth, crockery, silverware, and glassware.
  • Although using a presentation plate underneath a flat and a deep one is the most formal, it is not necessary to place it in a more intimate dinner.
  • The cutlery is arranged in the reverse order that they are used. Forks go to the left, while knives and spoons go to the right.

And remember that beyond the decoration, the food, or the gifts, the most important thing about this Christmas 2020 is; share and celebrate with those dear people taking the necessary assurances and precautions for this time. Don't forget to tag us on your social networks and share with us how wonderful your dining table was for these festivities.