Decorate your small apartment step by step

Decorate your small apartment step by step

Well-decorated small spaces have little to envy to more spacious houses, we reveal the secrets to make your house look like a magazine

Having a small apartment doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or comfort. With just the right furniture and a little creativity, we will make the most of the entire space. 

Here are the keys and tricks to make the most of that space with your Comifort furniture.


If we choose furniture that can be used for several things at the same time and place it in such a way that we make the most of the space, we will be able to equip even the smallest apartment with everything we need without giving up the comfort of our home. 

Raising Coffee Table with Magazine Rack - White Oak Color     Desk with Shelves - Color Nordic

The Ambit coffee table with magazine rack or the desk with built-in shelf in dual-function nordic color will help you make the most of all the spaces in your home without having to give up those precious m2.


The white color used both on your walls and in the decoration of your small apartment will enhance the brightness and generate visual amplitude. Using it as a base is perfect and if you opt for a monochromatic decoration with white wall tiles and furniture it is a success


The walls can give a lot of play and offer extra storage capacity, take advantage of them if you lack space in your home. Nordic shelves, industrial or chic style in golden or beige tones that are light and elegant, will allow you to store your things with great style.

Hanging Desk with Bookcase - White Color         Corner Shelf - Oak Color

The hanging desk with bookcase or the hanging shelf for your corner are two basic vertical decoration that you should incorporate in your home.


Small flats are super cozy unlike large ones, but we must make the most of all the m2 of the home. In order not to take away space with a table lamp, play with wall lamps or wall lamps to illuminate your rooms, with this simple gesture your living room or room will look more clear.


Mirrors are great for making a space look brighter and they offer an incredible feeling of spaciousness. A maxi mirror can work wonders in living rooms and dining rooms. You can leave it on the floor and support it against the wall to create the desired illusion.

Another recommendation is that you bet on materials such as glass and acrylic, since they allow the passage of light and objects made of these materials do not take up much space visually.


In a small space you must simplify the stay to the maximum. That is why we do not recommend that you cram your home with everything you like. You will have to choose between what is really useful and what is not, thus leaving free space to avoid the feeling of overwhelm that an overloaded space can cause. Always remember that less is more and the minimalist style is in fashion.

Modern Smoked Oak Color Bench and solid oak dining table with black legs.



We recommend that you use the same type of flooring in several rooms, it will give you a sense of continuity and visually expand the spaces of the home. For this use parquet of light tones and large sheets. Non-exploded floors such as microcement or large-format porcelain tiles will also help to hide the lack of square meters.

Nordic style TV cabinet - oak color

That said, a well-decorated and organized floor can appear much larger than it actually is, you just need to put these tips into practice. With these simple tricks you can get the most out of your small home, so that you get a functional but pleasant place. So get to work and decorate that special room.