Homemade tips to disinfect your home

Homemade tips to disinfect your home

In this health crisis in which we must stop the spread of the coronavirus, hygiene at home is especially important to protect you and yours.

The coronavirus can remain active for several hours outside the body depending on the characteristics of the surface. Think that, in your day to day, you have been able to have contact with any surface. To prevent and contain the virus, we recommend that you take advantage of these days of confinement to clean and disinfect the rooms and furniture at home with which you have had the most contact. Here are some tricks to clean and disinfect your house correctly and thus avoid possible infections.



In our endeavor to use natural and homemade cleaning products, we have found a very simple proposal to make our own disinfectant wipes. They are comfortable, very useful when you hardly have time and can be adapted to different surfaces depending on the mixture we use.

To be able to make the disinfectant wipes successfully we will need; kitchen paper, water, alcohol, dish soap, and essential oil.

First we will have to mix two cups of hot water, ⅔ of an alcohol, a tablespoon of soap and a few drops of essential oil.

In a large glass jar, put a roll of kitchen paper and make a mark to the limit in the upper area of ​​the jar to cut the roll of paper so that it fits inside perfectly.

Put the mixture in the jar with the paper and let it absorb it. Carefully remove the cardboard roll and you can easily pick up the disinfectant wipes.



The parquet, the cutting board or your wooden furniture can accumulate contagious particles and facilitate the spread of the virus among individuals who reside in the home.

To properly disinfect these surfaces we can resort to making a homemade antiseptic with Marseille soap, water and a few drops of lemon juice. Make a mixture of three parts of water, one of Marseille soap and add a few drops of lemon.

Apply the mixture with a soft cloth and let it air dry.


A good idea to sanitize and eliminate stains on armchairs, sofas or mattresses in a natural way is with a mixture of water, liquid detergent, sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix ½ liter of water and three tablespoons of liquid detergent making a lot of foam. Apply it on the stain and rub with a cloth or sponge until it disappears. Once this action is done, remove the foam little by little. Let it sit until your mattress dries or use a blow dryer to speed up the process.
If, on the other hand, we want to perform a deep disinfection of the mattress and neutralize any odor that has been impregnated, sprinkle a good amount of baking soda all over the surface and let it rest for three hours, then remove it using the vacuum cleaner.
If, in addition, you want to achieve a pleasant aroma in your bed, you can mix the bicarbonate before sprinkling it with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, if you choose lavender you will also get a relaxing and calming effect that will help you sleep better. While tea tree essential oil will help disinfect the surface and leave a refreshing clean smell.
Remember that if your mattress contains memory foam as the main material, avoid applying water and liquid detergent, since the memory foam should not get wet.


Disinfection on smooth surfaces such as tiles or countertops can be done with a mixture of 30% alcohol (no matter the graduation), distilled water and a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Once these three ingredients are combined, we will introduce them in a container that allows spraying on the surfaces. The mixture made provides sufficient disinfectant capacity in addition to providing a pleasant smell to your home.

If we do not have these ingredients, another way that cleaning smooth surfaces with products that we all have at home can be just as effective. Mixing ½ glass of melted soap in two liters of hot water and adding ¼ of lemon juice or vinegar.

The resulting mixture will help us to disinfect smooth surfaces with the help of a sprayer and letting it dry.


Whether it is because we have pets at home, a sick relative or simply due to the accumulation of dirt, there are many cases in which in addition to cleaning the carpet we must disinfect it.

The ingredients that you will need to make this solution are baking soda and cleaning vinegar. Mix the baking soda and vinegar first, creating a creamy texture. With the help of a cloth, apply the mixture on the most visible stains of the carpet and let it act for 15 minutes. Finally rinse with a damp sponge and let it dry.

Therefore, without getting paranoid, the best thing we can do during confinement to avoid the spread of the virus in our home is to clean and above all disinfect the house, especially those areas that are more susceptible to harboring the virus, and remember to wash the hands always when finished.