Do you know the benefits of using an ergonomic chair to work?

Do you know the benefits of using an ergonomic chair to work?

It is likely that during the last few months you have started working from home. Perhaps you did not have a conditioned space since the home office was not part of your plans, but little by little you have been adapting a corner to telework comfortably. 

A good desk is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of creating a space adapted to the needs and demands at home, however, many times we forget the importance of having a suitable and comfortable chair, which is why we use any that we already have. Choosing the correct chair for work is just as important as choosing the best computer or desk, since spending a full working day sitting down can have negative consequences on your health if you don't take the right measures.

Incorrect posture, back pain, neck problems, accumulation of stress and vision problems are some of the consequences that can occur from using the wrong chair while working.

That is why to maintain a healthy body and mind it is necessary to use the correct furniture and every day people become more aware of this and follow an ergonomic approach to achieve it. The ideal solution is the ergonomic chair that provide adequate rest especially for those parts of the body that are more prone to pain and stress. But do you really know its benefits?

  • Get the correct posture and make work more convenient for long hours.
  • Avoid complicated problems like cervical spondylosis, which starts with stiffness in the neck and shoulder areas.
  • Improve work performance. 
  • Being adjustable you can set the correct height and the perfect incline for you. 
  • It supports not only the back but also other areas of the body.

At Comifort we have different designs of ergonomic chairs ideal for your work and today we want to present you 4 of our models so you can find your favorite. 

Nightingale Office Chair with Footrest

La Nightingale desk chair It is designed with a high back made of breathable mesh fabric, adjustable armrests, padded seat, adjustable and breathable headrest. At home or at work, he will always measure up.

Crane Office Chair

La Crane office chair It is designed for the most demanding users, this is an ergonomic desk chair with maximum performance. It has all kinds of functions and settings, made with the best materials and finishes.

Stork Office Chair

La Stork office chair has fully padded the back, seat and armrests, feel the comfort in its purest form. Our desk chair has an elegant design valid for different types of environments, it fits perfectly both in the office and in your home.

Flamingo Office Chair

The premium chair for the most select offices is ours Flamingo chair. Chair for executive positions or to pamper yourself in your own home, with a simple and elegant finish.

Integrate this type of chairs into your work area and start enjoying the best benefits for your health. Give priority to quality and health, it will be a perfect purchase for you, to give elegance to your spaces and also to improve your productivity. Find your ideal ergonomic chair by doing click aquí.