How to renovate your home for a new year

How to renovate your home for a new year

This year is ending, one that has not been as we expected. Full of many challenges and changes. A year where we have had to learn a lot and change our way of living. Although it has not been as we imagined, 2020 will come to an end very soon, ushering in a new year full of hopes and new goals to meet. To start a new year full of many good things, we can take a first step in our home and one way is to renovate and organize it to welcome 2021 with a fresh home, full of energy, so New Year, new home. 

Having a comfortable space that makes us feel good, especially enjoying our home, can increase our productivity, improve our spirits; and thus help us fulfill our New Year's resolutions. The harmony and design of the interior spaces are of the utmost importance, as they are places in which we spend a great majority of our time and it is not a question of changing houses but of giving small changes that refresh the environment and make it more practical. Today we share some recommendations:

New organization and distribution

A good idea to start is to analyze each space that is part of your home. Do a deep cleaning and throw aside those things that no longer work for you. Also move your furniture around, this will help you have a new perspective of the space in order to distribute it in a better way and also to see what furniture is useful and which you need to change. 

This exercise is important that you do with each room and space, remember that we not only seek to renew the furniture and distribution but also take advantage of the occasion to clean and organize all the storage spaces and cabinets. Lean on baskets and organization boxes and make the most of your spaces.

A color change never hurts

A different look for your spaces is achieved with a simple color change on the walls. Changing it will allow you to refresh the spaces, create new environments, purify and clean the rooms, give dynamism to your furniture and change the style of decoration. Before buying the tone, find inspiration and define the style and the new distribution of your furniture and accessories. Now that you are sure of what you want to achieve, go for the paint and give your rooms a new look. 

Now, if you don't dare to paint the walls, you can also choose to give a different touch to your spaces with tapestries or textures, also lean towards accessories that give it a special and different touch such as hanging elements or shelves.

Improve lighting

Light plays a fundamental role in our homes. Adding a point of light in a strategic place can visually add meters of amplitude to our rooms. In addition, light influences our mood so it is key to decorate a study, a dining room or a room following different guidelines. If you still do not have the entrance of light you are looking for in your home, the right time has come to achieve it. 

And it is not just about adding lamps and artificial lights, you can also take advantage of natural light that plays an important role in creating warmer and more welcoming spaces. Making the most of natural light is important when decorating and sometimes a few little tricks can enhance the clarity of your home, in addition to saving on your economy and helping the environment. If you want to discover how to make the most of natural light, read our article by clicking click here

New furniture for each space

Even if you are looking for cheap ways and other alternatives to spend on a piece of furniture, you will always need a piece of furniture that is the focal point of each area. For example, a very stylish shelf, a striking painting, an armchair with personality, among others. The important thing is to find an item that is the focus of each room and invest in it. Not necessarily "to invest" It means a big budget, but buying something functional, that lasts and survives the fashion.

At Comifort we have a large selection of elegant, modern and durable furniture that we are sure will be the perfect complement to achieve that dream space.

Our dining tables They are made of solid oak, have a unique design and a structure that adapts to any home. You can choose the color of the wood, the legs and the measurements that best suit your needs.

A sideboard It is also a great piece of furniture to make it the protagonist of the room. It is ideal for decorating and also for storing some items. It can be considered versatile and functional, as it adapts to any room, bedroom or living room. And when you discover the different models and colors that we have at Comifort, we are sure that you will fall in love with them.

For bedroomWe also have a variety of furniture to add. Find it comfortable, nightstand, rack, shoemaker o shelving what do you dream. We have a great diversity of models and colors to match the style with which you want to define your spaces. In addition, being solid oak they are highly durable and resistant so you will not have the need to change them in a long time.


Last but not least, accessories are essential for renovating your home for a new year.  The secret to choosing the right accessories is to identify which identity you like best and which goes best with your home. For example, you can decide on any of these styles: minimalist, ecological, industrial, pop art, or mix two styles if you prefer and when you are clear about your style, start looking for those extra elements that will give the different and final touch to your decoration. 

When buying them, also keep in mind that it is important that it combines with some elements of the house, such as the table runner, the colors of the room, the contrast of rugs with curtains, etc. Let your imagination fly, get to work.

Now that you have these recommendations to renovate your home, get down to work to enjoy 2021 in style and start a new year with the best disposition, energy and encouragement. Because there is nothing better than arriving at a comfortable, warm home that we love.