How to choose the perfect desk for your home office

How to choose the perfect desk for your home office

The back to the office this year is going to be different. Teleworking has come to stay and it is essential to adapt your new work routine to the daily needs and comforts to create a comfortable and motivational space. The first step is to choose the correct desk since it is the main furniture that will help your productivity. 

Before delving into aesthetic aspects to choose the desk for your home office it is necessary that you take into account some aspects.


COMIFORT - Algar desk

A common mistake when choosing furniture is underestimating how much space you actually have for your desk. It is important to measure the place where you will be installed to take into account windows and heights. Planning the location of your desk will help you choose correctly. 

A good advice is to use a piece of paper and a tape measure, measure the chosen space and take into account other elements that you will need such as shelves, bookstores or supplementary tables.

In small rooms corner desks or wall like Barraca model they can help make better use of space. Now, if you have more space, choosing a table that is long and wide enough will be perfect for you to work comfortably. 
We propose you the Castalla desk as the most complete furniture

Storage space

COMIFORT - Montgo desk

If you are one of those who keep many things on your desk, it is an important point to take into account when choosing the ideal desk. For both work and study it is necessary to always have stationery, office supplies and electronic devices on hand, so it is important to have a space for each item on your desk.

To keep everything well organized, you can opt for desks that have built-in drawers, such as the Montgo model, perfect to have all the documents located.


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Like any investment, when choosing a piece of furniture you can spend a small amount of money but you run the risk that its quality is not as expected and you will have to spend money again for the simple fact of saving, or investing a larger budget in one. single piece of furniture and that meets all your expectations. 

So that this does not happen, establish an initial budget to furnish your home office as it deserves, but remember to leave a percentage for the extra elements you need.


Now that you have defined the most basic elements, the friendliest aspect arrives: The design! A piece of furniture should always be in keeping with the rest of the decoration of the house. But if you are still not sure, there is always the option of choosing simple alternatives, neutral colors such as white and wood go according to any decoration. 

Working with order and harmony is recommended to promote concentration. In addition, it is important that beyond beautiful designs you have to pay attention to comfort, since you will spend several hours sitting, so it is recommended that it be comfortable, versatile and that it adapts to the technical specifications recommended for health.

En Comifort we have a great variety of desks so you can choose the one that best suits your spaces, taking into account the elements mentioned above. Options made with quality materials, durable and available in different colors. And if you have already decided on the perfect desk for your home office, now is the time to set up your home office .