How to take advantage of natural light in your spaces

How to take advantage of natural light in your spaces

Natural light is a source of energy and optimism. It plays an important role creating warmer and more welcoming spaces. Making the most of natural light is important when decorating and sometimes a few little tricks can enhance the clarity of your home, in addition to saving on your economy and helping the environment. We want to give you some advice from our experience:

Use light paint and colors

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The colors that are chosen for the walls, ceilings and even the furniture and elements of a space multiply the illuminating effect of natural light. If you are looking to illuminate your spaces, it is best to use light colors or pastel tones, because they will give a feeling of spaciousness, clarity and are capable of reflecting natural light.

Windows as the best ally

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The more windows you have, the greater the entry of natural light into your home. It is recommended that the windows occupy an area equivalent to 10% - 20% of the surface of the room.

Pay attention to the distribution

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Make sure that sunlight is present in most spaces, especially those where daily tasks are carried out, this will reduce the use of artificial light. Areas such as the kitchen, dining room and living room are where you will do more family life, so it is important that they are open so that they receive a homogeneous light. 

On the other hand, it is essential that you do not interrupt the light inputs with furniture or complementary elements and place each element in an organized and well distributed way.

Bet everything on white

Emerita dining table - Comifort

The light tones have to be the protagonists if you want to create a bright space giving a feeling of spaciousness. At Comifort we have dining tables, dressers, receivers y tv furniture in clear finishes perfect for you.

Light curtains and mirrors

Blackout curtains are not the best option to give your home natural lighting. The ideal is to use translucent or semi-translucent curtains woven with light materials such as linen, allowing light to enter without losing privacy in the home.
The more natural light your home has, the more life it will breathe. An extra tip that we want to give you,  integrates plants in the main spaces. Nature transmits good vibes and there is no better inspiration than serenity.