Colors that inspire tranquility in your living room

Colors that inspire tranquility in your living room

After a long day at work, when we get home we need a quiet environment. Inside our home we must feel relaxed, comfortable to achieve this we need to take care of every detail to create a relaxing environment that provides well-being. 

The living room is considered the heart of the house, this space allows us to bring together all of us who live together and also enjoy unique moments. It is also the place where we can have a good glass of wine, relax while watching our favorite series or for example, read a book. Having a living room that can provide the comfort and tranquility that we seek is not a difficult task if we do it correctly and, even if you don't believe it, the first step is to choose the ideal color for the walls of your living room. Today we want to talk to you about those colors that inspire and transmit tranquility for your living room. 

White that stimulates

The favorite color for any wall: White. A classic option that provides purity, neatness and serenity. This color never goes out of style, it is the brightest color and the one that most highlights the decoration pieces. For small spaces it is the best option since it allows to give more visual amplitude, raise the ceilings and allow more light to enter. White combines with any other color and also if you accompany it with wooden furniture it will highlight the style of your decoration.

The lassen TV cabinet It is the ideal furniture for your living room, you can choose between any of the three wood finishes. It is a furniture with Nordic style and allows ample storage to keep your things.


This color is the most used for people who do not want to dare with other more striking colors, but do not opt ​​for the classic white tone either. This neutral shade creates a relaxing atmosphere with an elegant and modern touch. It will be a good choice in any of its shades, from light gray to dark gray.

Our sideboards in golden, white or walnut wood they give the perfect contrast that your living room needs. This furniture shows an elegant design to combine with all types of decoration, it has a great load capacity so it is ideal for storing those elements of your home that you do not want to be in sight thanks to its wide and spacious drawers. In addition, you can get them with legs in a matte black or graphite finish.



Like green, blue is one of the most relaxing colors in the color range, it is a calm and refreshing color, which provides security and eliminates negative energies. The blue menu is very extensive and offers many decoration possibilities. If you want a light and relaxing tone, you can choose pastel blue. On the contrary, if you prefer a more vivid color, but just as relaxing, you can choose indigo blue.

A elba lift-up coffee table in nordic color It is a great complement if you choose the blue color for your walls and not only because of the fact that it will give contrast in your decoration but also because this furniture has a large space with interior storage.

Earth tones

In general, earth tones are an excellent combination with other more striking and daring colors. If what you are looking for is harmony, elegance and a color other than white, this range of colors is wonderful. It will bring the naturalness that you are looking for in your living room.


If you choose this color for your living room walls, it is advisable to combine them with elements and furniture in white or light woods, remember that contrasting the decoration will give great results to your spaces!

In this case, it is recommended to opt for furniture in light woods or medium tones. We assure you that the coffee tables, sideboards and TV furniture in white or gold wood will make you fall in love even more with your living room and its decoration. 

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