Help the environment starting with the furniture in your home

Help the environment starting with the furniture in your home

For a few years we have entered a sustainable revolution. Organic food, the use of organic products for personal care and the commitment to slow fashion are some of the practices that are increasingly being used. As for our furniture manufacturing industry, we cannot forget all these practices since we must carry them out so that they allow us to preserve and care for nature without causing damage.

SIf you also want to be part of the community to help the environment, you can integrate furniture that is manufactured under the principles of sustainability, such as our furniture by betting for an eco-friendly and respectful manufacturing as a main value.

Bet on wood

COMIFORT - Golden Roma Buffet Sideboard

Furniture is responsible for providing design, elegance, modernity and warmth to your home, that is why they have to offer the highest quality in their finishes, design and functionalities while in their manufacture they help the environment. Wood is basic in any home and an incredible option, it is resistant, organic and perfect. Forget about plastic or synthetic materials and go back to it. Its durability and resistance make it perfect for all types of spaces and its beauty.

At Comifort we have perfect designs that adapt to any space in your home, made of solid oak, a wood known for its great durability, resistance and variety. Each of the wooden furniture has unique details so you can create different and cozy spaces at the same time.

Use natural fibers


Natural fabrics and fibers are always a good idea in your decoration, cotton, linen, wool, esparto, bamboo, wicker or raffia, are some of the options for a much more sustainable decoration. In addition to perspiring better, they are more durable and their production harms the environment much less.

Don't forget to add plants


Adding plants is always going to be a good choice and not only because of the fact of being part as a decorative element of the spaces but also that they are responsible for absorbing the toxic substances that many of the elements of our home give off, they help us improve our life, in short, they are small lungs that make our home more “healthy”. If you have questions about how to add them to your spaces, don't forget to go through our article on ideas for adding plants to your decor

Low consumption lighting


Lighting is key in any home, and ensuring that your light tone is low consumption will allow you to save and help to have a more responsible and sustainable consumption. Also during the day you can choose to take advantage of natural light in your spaces, a practice that in addition to collaborating with energy and economic savings will help you improve your health.