7 Tips to put your house in order

7 Tips to put your house in order

Keeping the house in order can be a very complicated and tedious task. Sure you have proposed it many times but the mission is complicated at the precise moment that you feel the chaos or that a “more important” task arises to be done. Clothes and shoes pile up in the room, papers pile up, and you lose things in the closet. However, even if your belongings do not use them every day and leave them lying around, they require a physical space to be organized. 

Ordering goes beyond freeing up space and throwing away what you do not use, it is about creating a balance and daily harmony in your spaces so that in addition to looking orderly they transmit peace, serenity and you feel the comfort you need in your home. Fortunately, there are several tips that you can implement periodically or even daily to maintain order in the house. Take note!

Organize the most saturated spaces

If you have not cleaned and organized for a long time, the first step is to know what you have at home. Take out of your closets, drawers, shelves and furniture all the items you have. This activity may sound a bit chaotic, but it is necessary to do it, it will allow you to get rid of many things that you no longer use or that do not work, order those that do and reduce disorganization. 

Now that you have separated the things you want to keep, you can organize them by use, colors or size. At this point it is ideal that you choose what works best for you. It is important that before putting your things back, you take advantage and clean the surfaces of the furniture. 

This step does not have to be done every time you want to clean your house, the ideal is that you maintain order as you use the items and when you store them, do it in an organized way. This will avoid having to constantly reorganize.

Organize the bed

During the last few years it is a habit that many people have implemented in their lives. Making the bed every day will remove that feeling of general disorder and will facilitate the appearance of many elements that you thought were lost and that, in reality, are between the sheets. It is not only a task of order but also to improve your productivity, since the first task of the day is ready. 

Also make sure you have space next to your bed to store essential items like alarm clocks, books, phone chargers, etc. These small organizers will allow you to have more storage space and maintain order in your room. 

At Comifort we have a model of nightstand available in different colors perfect to match your decoration.

Run cables inside cabinets, dressers, or other furniture

Accumulate cables from mobiles, computers, game consolesos and other electronic devices is something that usually happens. Finding them in an organized place, that are not in sight but that at the same time can be useful, is not something very common or easy but it is not impossible. To achieve this task, tv furniture is a very good ally since it allows you to store the cables internally and not be visible, look for furniture that has internal holes for cables and you will see how your living room and room already have a different look.

Take advantage of the baskets and boxes

The use of baskets and boxes does not go out of style, especially when it comes to maintaining order. Their square or rectangular shapes allow them to be placed in many corners of the house so that they are not noticed. You can find thousands of designs and options that match your decorating style, you can even create them yourself. Organizing them may not be a very fun task but then when you want to find something you will be grateful for having done this type of organization. 

Use a shoe rack to keep all your shoes in order

Forget about the shoes thrown around the house, the shoemaker is here to stay! There is no better feeling than being already dressed and finding the shoes that best combine you in one place. In addition to simplifying your day to day when it comes to dressing, it will help you to have a balance in the order of the home, keeping all your pairs of shoes in an organized way in a single piece of furniture.

Clean the dust

Even if you don't see it, the dust gradually accumulates in the corners and surfaces, making the rooms more unpleasant, opaque spaces and also turning them into sources of allergies. If you do this activity periodically, you will see how your spaces begin to look brighter, cleaner and with an incomparable harmony. Remember that it is a task that you should not do alone but divide them among the members of your family. And if you want to add a touch of freshness, a wall freshener can be a very good choice.

Keep each space with its function

Each space in your house has a function and maintaining that order is a very important task that we sometimes forget. It is essential that you keep things in the living room in the living room and those in the bedroom in the bedroom, although it sounds very obvious, it happens that many times with them, day-to-day rush many things end up in the wrong place. It is preferable to take a few minutes a day to get everything organized than having to spend a whole day cleaning and tidying up. 

Maintaining order is not only a task for the visual and harmonious part of a space or home, it is also synonymous with well-being for you and for those who live next to you. The organized spaces transmit serenity, tranquility, cleanliness and a lot of life. One of the best accessories to achieve this is furniture and from Comifort we always seek to provide you with the best options so that you have the home you always dreamed of.