5 trends in decoration for 2021

5 trends in decoration for 2021

The year starts off strong, marking the main trends in fashion, style, technology and even decoration. After the situation we have been through (and we continue to live) and the social paradigm shift, what is to come may be uncertain, but in matters of the home. However, believe it or not, it is the opposite. 2020 has shown us the importance of having a home with the greatest comforts and needs to be comfortable. That is why we want you to be inspired by the trends that appear in all the decoration magazines and choose the best furniture and decoration elements. 

All of them are in the same line, personal well-being.

Warm tones

Everything that is successful ends up coming back and this is the case of neutral tones, which are back in the spotlight. Warm colors on the walls, furniture and decorative elements are the key to giving a feeling of tranquility and tranquility. Beige, gray and white are again the protagonists this season. 

They also highlight pastel colors such as blue, pink and light purple, which will help give light to every corner. 

Say goodbye to the ostentatious and opt for flat and natural spaces. 

Remember that it is important to mix colors wisely. Get inspired by shades and palettes that maintain a harmonious balance and do not out of balance with the style of your home.
Ideas for your living room to have style? Here you can get inspired.


Low furniture

You will achieve visually clear and minimalist environments using furniture that creates homogeneity. Coffee tables Accompanied by a comfortable environment with armchairs and sofas they are a great combination for your living room. 

Also pay attention to the TV furniture, since it is recommended to look for options that are lower in height and do not occupy the entire wall. This will visually make your spaces look wider. 

If you are looking for one that meets these requirements, our onuba design It is ideal, not only because it will act as a support for your TV, but it will also achieve the balance you are looking for with the rest of the decorative elements.

Versatile and functional environments

This trend is mainly dedicated to those who they live in small flats and that they find it necessary to create squared and measured spaces to the last corner.

It is possible that your dining table is also your work table, that your sideboard not only serves to organize your clothes but also as a dressing table or that your shelf in addition to serving as a support for elements also has the function of dividing spaces.  

All this you can achieve, you just have to choose the perfect furniture and spaces. The new reforms are part of 2021 so it is time to take advantage of those spaces that you did not use or that you simply did not use. Create combined spaces in your room, kitchen or living room and achieve environments according to each occasion.

Nature inside the house

This trend is repeated again because nature is becoming more and more important in the home. Plants are life and adding them to spaces will give you tranquility, harmony and light. They are perfect for purifying the air and being part of a good anti-stress therapy. If you do not know where to start, we advise you to read our article related to ideas for adding plants to the home.

Japandi: the style chosen for this year

Have you heard of the Japandi style? This is a mix between Japanese and Nordic design. It is the combination of modern Scandinavian style, and Japanese elegance and aesthetics. 

It translates into ¨zen¨ environments, peace and balance of the home.

Get inspired by this style and reform your spaces by uniting the best of both worlds of decoration.

This 2021 is committed to getting a pleasant and conditioned home since right now our greatest time is spending it at home. It's time to discover all the furniture we have for you this 2021 and don't forget to share your style on social networks (Facebook e Instagram) by tagging us in your post or adding the hashtag #IAmComifort.