5 ideas to save energy and avoid the cold

5 ideas to save energy and avoid the cold

The coldest time of the year begins. When temperatures drop, we wonder how to make efficient use of heating at home without increasing basic household expenses or freezing to death. These are some tips that we want to give you in Comifort to save energy at home and avoid the cold during this winter season:

Have your devices ready:

Testing radiators, keeping filters, pipes and smoke vents clean, avoiding putting up barriers to heat sources, can be some of the ideas to confirm that your appliances are ready for this season. No matter what artificial heat source you use, we know that greater efficiency is achieved when appliances and appliances are properly maintained.

One of the appliances that consumes the most energy is the refrigerator, remember to check if the temperature is properly adjusted so that it does not consume more energy. 

On the other hand, regardless of the system you use to heat the home, it is important that you make sure of its operation, not only for safety (since many boilers are gas and there may be leaks) but also, because in many cases a lot is being spent more energy without need.

Check your doors and windows:

A large part of the air conditioning in the home is lost through walls and windows, through small gaps and cracks that we do not give importance to but do. To prevent the heat from escaping, you have to opt for windows and doors that insulate very well. A good option is double-glazed reinforced windows that prevent half of the house's energy from being lost. 

Now, if you have realized that the windows and doors of your house do not have the best installation to avoid this type of problem, you can reinforce them yourself with aluminum adhesive tapes, silicone, seals and draft-proof insulation . In this way, the heat generated by the heating could be kept 10% more. For this solution you don't need professionals, you can do it yourself and at a low cost.

Keep the thermostat at bay:

Having a thermostat allows you to maintain an ideal temperature avoiding heat strokes, which are what make the bill more expensive. It is best to stay warm at home, as appropriate for the time of year, and keep the thermostat at a reasonable level between 19 and 21 degrees. It is not good to find that the house is as if it were in summer, not only because of the excessive increase in your energy bills but also because of your health. 

And now you ask yourself, what does your health have to do with all this? And is that if there is a notable difference between the temperature inside the house and the outside, this can make you more prone to colds and cold-related ailments.

Carpets and barriers:

The rugs during this time can become your best friend, they are perfect to serve as a barrier against the cold that comes from the floor and give warmth and warmth to your home. In addition to common spaces, such as the living room, it is also advisable to place rugs in the bedrooms, which will also provide comfort and warmth when we get out of bed.

Some rugs can even be hung from the walls, as a tapestry, and thereby help keep rooms warm, as well as instantly sending a message of warmth to the eye.

Ideally, a rug that matches the style of the dining table, TV Stand  or shelving so that they bring a cosmopolitan touch to your home.

Make the most of the sun:

If you have the opportunity to have direct natural light In the main rooms, take advantage of it as it is what will give life to your home, in addition to reaching an ideal temperature and creating a cozy space.

The sun is a natural, free and healthy resource for the body. A little vitamin C to the body does not harm anyone and less in a time when it is so much needed. Raising the blinds when it shines in the sky and closing them tightly when it is put up to conserve the accumulated heat is a simple trick that will help the heat in the home not only depend on artificial resources such as heating.

In addition, it is important for the conservation of the materials of your furniture, since a strong contrast in temperatures can affect its appearance, making it age more quickly.

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