5 Trendy color combinations to decorate interiors

5 Trendy color combinations to decorate interiors

Color combinations are one of the best-known and most common ways to inject dynamism, personality and joy into any decoration. It can be achieved either by placing the same shade on the walls or by looking for combinations with different colors to create something completely new. 

To achieve a good decoration no just It is about including the colors that are in trend, but that these go according to the furniture you have in each space. If you are tired of the typical white walls, nothing happens, here are some of the best combinations for the home that will leave you with your mouth open:

Earth tones: warm beige and white

This is perhaps the favorite combination of many people. Choosing shades ranging from white to different types of beige is the best choice if you are looking to create cozy and warm environments. You can rely on decorative elements and furniture with a woody finish and different textiles in earth tones. You can also choose to add £ furniture that goes with this style. Some of the furniture that can fit perfectly are the emerita dining table Cartago rectangular side table and buffet sideboard in rome gold.


Terracotta: warm reds and oranges

For the hopeless romantics, the choice between orange, red, and brown tones will make their spaces transmit that necessary disconnection when they get home. Get inspired by the 70s and romance for an attractive, nostalgic and luxurious space. You can complement it with elements in velvet with flat surfaces. Our Cartago lift-up coffee table in chicago tone It will give you that elegant touch that you are looking for.

Mint inspiration: grays and old pink

This selection of colors, called Mint, is intended to represent Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian design. It is inspired by the combination of cold and warm tones, which allows great versatility when adding decorative elements. To achieve this style you only need to make a combination of colors between several walls of the same space, where you paint in gray tones along with light pink. You can also use accessories that are generally minimalist, simple and in the same colors as the walls.

Explosion of freshness: lemon yellow and fuchsia

For the risky and fun, this combination cannot be left aside. Show your bright and cheerful personality in your home with colors like yellow and fuchsia. Here you can make the most of your personality by creating abstract shapes on the wall or making color compositions. Just be creative and take a chance. 

For this type of decoration, since the walls are the center of attention, we recommend opting for white furniture that helps create that necessary harmony. Our desks in white or nordic and the extending table cervino  They are incredible options that will allow you to obtain that style that you are looking for.

Blue lovers: natural greens with blues

Manage to find this style through a selection of calm and soft colors where you will be able to convey nature and the sea. You can also create a contrast through more refined touches of color such as mustard yellow.

This trend is inspired by the Biophilia design and works perfectly in spaces with the style of Japanese decorations, where it seeks to convey the relaxation, tranquility and serenity that characterizes outdoor environments. In addition to combining it with your favorite Comifort furniture designs, you can add plants to further highlight the purpose of these combinations: to feel close to nature.

And now, what is the style that you like the most? Discover all the home furniture that we have on our website.