4 Basics to organize your home

4 Basics to organize your home

Los Piece of furnitureI know what you need to have the dream home

We know that finding the ideal furniture, the perfect table and the accessories that best combine with the style of your home is not an easy task. until you find the one that is perfect for each corner. Finding the style, that the pieces fit together and that at the same time be aesthetically attractive and according to the design requires dedication and taste. The important thing is to get down to work and start with the basics, and that is what we intend with this article, to help you choose the basic one for your home.

Organization is the most important key to maintaining order and it is important that it goes according to the dream touch that we want to give to our home, for this reason we bring you 5 pieces of furniture that are essential.


COMIFORT- Ritter TV cabinet 

Choosing options that in addition to serving as a support for the television give us some storage spaces is ideal. This furniture from the Ritter collection has shelves so you can place an infinite number of things. The area of ​​the folding door maintains a click closure system, which manages to maintain order and privacy in your home. Its elegance and versatility will give a unique touch to your home.


COMIFORT- Elba lift-up coffee table 

One meIt is a centerpiece to give your living room a special piece of furniture. Gather all your guests in your living room and show off your incredible coffee table. A piece of furniture that will allow you to store things and serve as a support for any accessory you want to place. This liftable coffee table has a modern, simple and neutral design, it is perfect for any type of room, center or dining room.


COMIFORT- Umia 3-door shoe rack

With eth Shoe cabinet you will be able to maintain order in your bedroom and also take care and protect your shoes while serving as decoration for your spaces. The shoe rack of the Umia collection with 3 doors, is the ideal furniture to place it in your bedroom, dressing room or room.


COMIFORT- Emerita dining table

Without a doubt, one of the most important pieces of furniture in the house is the dining table. A meeting space for the whole family to share moments. 

It is important when choosing it, look at the amount of space you have and how many positions you want the dining table. This option from the Emerita collection has a unique design and structure that adapts to any home. A versatile piece of furniture that will become the star of your home.

These 4 basic furniture are essential for your home, having them will be a great start to decorate and have the dream spaces. Always remember to choose high quality furniture, according to the measurements of your spaces and that at the same time combine with the style you choose for your home.